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Training Weapons for Martial Artists, Made by Martial Artists

Here at Satori Training Weapons LLC, I am committed to handcrafting quality hardwood training weapons. Most blades are made from locally sourced Ash (baseball bat wood).  All hardwoods are tested for strength and durability during light impact training in basic/advanced Kali and Hapkido drills.  However, it is still wood, and with enough impact any hardwood will shatter, so please wear appropriate saftey goggles and other protective gear and train responsibly. 


Best for impact training- Locally sourced Ash.  Ash is what baseball bats are made from and they take impact very well.  It shows little wear and tear when training against rattan sticks.  Damage will occur when training against other hardwoods such as, Bahi and Kamagong, and Goncalo Alves among others.  


My name is Stefanie Boucher. My martial arts training began in April of 2016, while pregnant with my second child. My husband and I started training with Arlo Welty of Satori Integrated Martial Arts. We have trained in self-defense using the styles of Kali, Jeet Kune Do, and Hapkido. We recently began earning rank with Martial Concepts for Kali. I have completed my first two levels of Kali training. 


I was honored when Arlo asked if I would take over making his handcrafted quality hardwood training weapons for Satori Training Weapons. I have over 15 years of woodworking experience.  I enjoy weapon-making for many reasons, including increasing my knowledge of martial art weapon history and use. I also enjoy the artistic expression of making custom blades. 

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